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Madness MMA

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#1 The1rstSaint


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Posted 10 December 2016 - 07:34 PM

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Smack Talk Thread for The MMA Orginazation known as Madness MMA.
All the happenings for the org will be here cheers all!!!!


Division Rankings 7/1/17

135 Lb.                                                   
*C*   Alexander Pedan                                   


#1: Marc Spector                          

#2: Phil Harrass   

#3: Yuri Sorokov                                  

#4: Paul Hewitt                                               
#5: Dado Mata      

#6John Eugemia                                          

#7: Victor Stoic                                           
#8: Dolores Doremus                                  
#9: Ichi Takeshi                                             
10: Rodrigo Machado   

11: Daniello Pablo                                             
12: Kyle Rad      *UR*  

13: Rafal Jackiewicz   v  1                               

14: Yas Uru                   

15: Raiymbek Batyr                                



Honorable Mention
Timo Vesala                                                   

145 Lbs
*C* Andr De Fran


#1: Cholo Van Gaal
#2: Ben Henley
#3: Yogi Dhamma  3
#4: Sergio Bujol  1
#5: Silvio Crespo  1
#6: Tito Duran  4
#7: Raymun Redbeard   3

#8: Hugo Wolf

#9: Rock Machine 
10  Bobby Parent


11: Baki Hanma  *UR*
12: Jeff Hecker

13: Lorenzo Babidi 
14: Chris Gunn
15: Jamey Jasta 

Honorable Mention
 Shinya Aoki 


155 Lbs
*C* Damien Redman 8



#1: Viktor Bestarsson   
#2: Piere De Crote  1
#3: William Henry Bonney   1 

#4: Andrey Eremeev  1 
#5: The Sigit  3
#6: Nik Snow  
#7: Paul Kruger  
#8: Masada The Zealot
#9: Your Name Here  *UR*
10: Timothy Robinson


11: Daniel Brown
12: Combo King
13: Ivan Wonstom
14: Rokki Kukko  *UR*
15: Gene Sarazen


Honorable Mention

Elias Al Haddad

170 Lbs
*C* Stasius Venom


#1: Andrew Ryan  ^ 1
#2: Dong Uk  1
#3: Kezz The Convict
#4: Jonathan Hanson
#5: Lasse Alatalo

#6: Rumina Sato 
#7: Carlos Soto

#8: Kurtis Couturier  
#9: Shintaro Nomo
10: Abroham Lincoln


11: Greg Madison
12: Roy Nelson   
13: Laat Dovah-Kinn  *UR*
14: Patryk Szczerbiec  
15: Eric Bueller  

Honorable Mention
Pascual Perez

185 Lbs
*C* Obi Canuel *New Champion*




#1: Bruno Steve

#2: BJ McGobblecock, Jr.  
#3: Lance Legstrong
#4: Remy LeBeau

#5  Marco Macotti

#6: Eliod Bunkley Iii

#7: Don Johnson  
#8: Paddy Bateman  
#9: Antonio Lobo  
10: Kabal Labak  

11:  I Suck

12:  Jukebox Timebmb

13:  Ragnar Danneskjöld  *UR*
14:  Hector Davis   1
15:  Kevin Durant  v 1


honorable Mention

Haji Muakbar


205 Lbs

*C* Demon Maia


#1: Kevin Garbutt
#2: Gerry Kelly
#3: Tyson Kahn
#4: The Aristoteles
#5: Steve The Smiling Assassin
#6: Machine Gunv

#7: Tyson James  
#8: Ernie Bezoink 
#9: Erland Eliasson  
10: Josh Madhaki   *UR*

11: Arvo Laar
12: Luiz Araujo  1
13: Roland Begovic   1

14: Thomas Clawnes

15: Griffin Heath

Honorable Mention

Estefan Sanchez


265 Lbs.
*C*  Mohammed Jihad



#1: Puck Heidegger
#2: Tormund Giantsbane
#3: Alexey Juravlev
#4: Maksymilian Gracie 
#5: Barol Kedorf 
#6: Mauler Jackman  *UR*
#7: Brodie Grundy  
#8: Colin Turnbull  
#9: Nakki Fakiiri  1
10: Bomb Bombs   1

11: Matt Weston  1
12: Vaan Tseng  1
13: Bong Ki Duk  1
14: Jyrki Kasvi  5
15: Marshall Law   

Honorable Mention
Ralph McGuire Jr

265+ Lbs
*C* Captain Boromir



#1: Dante Boudain
#2: Lucifer Satan
#3: George Patton
#4: Cyrus Great  
#5: Mats Thoreson   5
#6: Harold Hari  
#7: Sven Kristian Nielsen   2

#8: Halo Olah  
#9: Maximillian Xezeron  
10: Mike Thomas   3

11: Lock Bresnar 
12: Sofoklis Aristotelis  
13: Baby Huey   
14: Diamond Dollar  
15: Joe County  

Honorable Mention
Fedor Hunt

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#2 The1rstSaint


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Posted 16 December 2016 - 12:15 AM

Recent Signings


6/18 Kingen Ciuchten  SuperHeavyweight

6/17 Magnus Magnusson  Heavyweight

6/16 Rokki Kukko Lightweight

6/14 Dallas Bond  Lightweight

6/12 Jon Melcher Lightweight

6/12 Clint Cartwright Bantamweight

6/12 Vinnie Vincent Featherweight

6/11 John Bunting Heavyweight

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#3 mccann123


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Posted 17 December 2016 - 09:34 AM

Jango Fett (187660)


MMA RECORD 32-19-3


All these young guns getting the opportunities. Well I'm now 2-0-0 in the org and no other contender with that record I want the new champ. I watcher your fight George Alexander nothing special in it. I'm going to KO you inside 1 round. Lets get this set up.

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#4 mccann123


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Posted 18 December 2016 - 02:23 AM

Jango Fett (187660)


MMA RECORD 32-19-3



Fight has now been offered lets see if the champ steps up.

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#5 The1rstSaint


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Posted 18 December 2016 - 09:55 PM

Should be a good fight and look out for former champ Finlay Darrow and David October who will be fighting for the # 1 spot against the winner.

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#6 Gonzasco


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Posted 19 December 2016 - 11:50 AM

Captain Boromir Interview

Reporter: "How do you feel having won the inaugural Openweight Title? Was there added pressure, in that it was a superfight with Heavyweight Champ Delvin Shore?"

Boromir: "Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for so small a thing? So small a thing!"

R: "Okay. Uhm, how is training going?"

B: "There is darkness there that never sleeps."
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#7 Tycooner


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Posted 20 December 2016 - 06:45 AM







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#8 The1rstSaint


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Posted 22 December 2016 - 12:29 PM

Thanks Jay, looks great!
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#9 Tycooner


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Posted 03 January 2017 - 12:49 AM

ictldt.jpg   22b3tz.jpg    1fjoly.jpg

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#10 JoeLang


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Posted 06 February 2017 - 09:49 AM


Ben "The Question" Henley (222382)



Happy and proud to get my career back on track with a nice win and a new belt.


Fighting in Japan has given me a fresh start and i hope to defend this belt with honour.

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Sully's Bar & Grill - Now Open in London!

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Posted 26 May 2017 - 09:28 PM

Madness MMA 25: Night of Champions

Prelim card

Raine Babe vs Randall Cunningham at 205
Marcus Aurelius vs Estefan Sanchez at 205
Ralph McGuire Jr vs Colin Turnbull at 265
Szandor Storm vs Alan Ford at 170
Nir Sosa vs KJ Talley at 185

This Article is brought to you by Douche McBaggins

Hello Madness fight Fans, do we have a awesome event in store for you this weekend. There will be 10 fights on the card and Three of them will be for Titles. The Hard Knocks arena in Tokyo will be jammed pack for this mega card. Ladies and gents its been some time since i have done a preview lets face it there isnt a whole lot of orginazations knocking my door down for my servaices. But good ole Butch Harris cant find anyone better so he is stuck with the Doucher himself. ahh fuck thats enough about me lets get to the action, i got to go fill up my belly with some ale or soon or i may have a fit.

Bantamweight fight

Ichi Takeshi vs Dan Sten

Kicking things off we will see the little runts go at er, as Ichi Takeshi faces Dan Sten. This will be there second fight with Sten winner there first bout via Unanimous Decision. Takeshi managed to secure a Unanimous Decision off his own in his last outing besting Terry McDermott. Ichii is a BJJ black belt and has notched 16 Submission victories so he will mst definetly look to get Sten on the ground. Sten on the other hand is a fairly balanced fighter with the majority of his wins coming by way of Decisions. Dan comes in with hopes of cracking the top 5 at 135 he will need to play i smart and try to avoid Ichii's superior Ground game.

Featherwight bout

Rock Machine vs Yogi Dhamma

Next up we will see a fight at 145 that promises to be a grapplers delight. In one corner we have Rock Machine who is fresh of a loss that snapped a 4 fight win streak he was on. Machine the a Black belt has 4 submission victories but he has KO abilities as well so if his ground game doesnt pan out he may look to switch things up against His foe. In the other corner we will see he featherweight debt of former Madness 185 pound champ Yogi Dhamma. you heard correct Yogi is dropping three weightclasses here, hell he is weighing in at 132 pounds right now so dont be suprised to see him at bantamweight soon. Yogi is a beast on the ground with 18 of his 19 wins comming via Submission. This match is made for a fighter like Dhamma but Machine is no Man, he is a "Machine"!

Heavyweight Title Match

C. Vincent Mars vs Tormund Giantsbane

In are first title fight of the evening we will see the 265 pound champ Vincent Mars defend his title for th second time against challenger Tormund Giantsbane. Tormund has blown through his last three opponents with 3 straight 1rst round KO victories. Tormund is going to be a big test for the champ with 14 KO finishes to his name. Vincent Mars succesfully defended his belt against Bong Ki Duk ending the fight by Doctor Stoppage. Mars has total of 22 KO finishes to his credit so i dont see this fight going to long. This is my pick for KO if the night in fact.

Superheavyweight Title Match

C. Captain Boromir vs Mike Thomas

in the next fight are second title fight we will see the Dominant 265+ champ Captain Boromir take to the cage for his 5th title defense as he faces top contender Mike Thomas. Thomas has also looked pretty impressive here winning all three of his bouts inside the Madness cage. Not to mention all three where 1rst round KO's, Mike will surely be Boromir's toughest foe. Boromir not only has he crushed the division, he has done so in style notching two "KO of the Night" awards along with one "Fight of the Night" awards. On paper i would say if Thomas can catch Boromir early he may be able to shock the champ otherwise Captain only gets better in the later rounds, regardless this fight will be awesome!!!

Welterweight Title Match

C. Stasius Venom vs Kezz the Convict

In the evenings Main event we get a chance to see the Welterweight title fight between the champ Stasius Venom against Challenger Kezz the Convict. Kezz is 4-1 inside the Madness cage, recently finishing Michael Carter Williams in the final round of there bout. The convict is well rounded with 9 KO's and 10 submission victories to his credit. The Champ Venom is a perfect 6-0 here at Madness MMA and this will be his 3rd title defence since capturing the title. Stasius is coming off a 5 round war in his last fight with Dong Uk, his only decision victory to note, as he normally Knock his opponents slap out. Both fighters are good strikers but no doubt edge goes to the champ, on the ground though Kezz will get the nod may be what the challenger is going to focus his gameplan.

this card is loaded with talent and dont miss the prelims either some experienced fighters all over this event

Good luck to all the fighters and to all you fans be prepaird for some Bloody fisticuffs.

this has been Douche McBaggins Signing off!!!!
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#12 The1rstSaint


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Posted 05 June 2017 - 11:21 PM

Madness MMA is now hosting events in LA and London as well as the normal Tokyo events.

Also I will be hunting down my old Friend Douche McBaggins for another preview TBA.

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#13 The1rstSaint


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Posted 09 June 2017 - 04:33 AM

Madness MMA presents MMMA 27: "Maia vs Mercer"
 Hello again Madness Fight Fans its everyone's favorite Drunken irishmen Douche McBaggins. Yes i have been drinking all bloody day its what i do!!! Tonight's event will be live in front of 5000 strong at the Shinjuku Indoor Arena,and is sponsored by THE END 32 clothing store located in Sydney. These event will be headlined by at Light-Heavyweight Title tilt, and will be loaded with spectacular fights. Remember there is always a method to the Clown'y Madness.
Preliminary bouts
Kicking off the Main Card we will see two Old vets from the 185 pound division clash. In the Blue Corner will be Eliod "Scooter" Bunkley III fighting out of Las Vegas by way of Knoxville,Tennessee. Bunkley is now 41 Years Old and a vet of over 60 professional fights he will be making his Madness MMA Debut. Bunkley a BJJ Blackbelt and Former Country Music superstar (at least i thought he was great) can be very slick on the ground with nearly half his victories coming by way of Submission. His Opponent fighting out of the Red Corner is Haji "Deathcab" Muakbar fighting out of Helsinki by way of Tehran, Iran. Muakbar is 5 years the elder of the already old as fuck Bunkley and will be stepping in the Cage for the 73rd time. Haji is a former Maple Leaf Combat Featherweight champ and has slowly been beefing up throughout his MMA Career. He is a Knock out artist with 29 out 40 of his victories coming by way of KO. This fight is a classic Striker vs Grappler displaying These too scrappers have been around the block so expect some fireworks hopefully age has not slowed either down to much.
Next up in the Lightweight Division we take a look at two Newcomers to Madness MMA. In the Blue Corner fighting out of Las Vegas by way of Kick butt,USA we have Combo"striker" King. Combo is 28 years of age and has 32 pro fights and 10 KO victories. With a nickname like Striker it should not be a surprise that King will be coming to knock your head off. And in the Red Corner fighting out New York by way of Toronto,Ontario, Canada is Paul"The Ruler" Kruger no relation to Freddy by the way. Kruger at 35 is also a well versed striker and is a former WBA Super Fights LW champ as a Kickboxer. He is yet to hold a title in MMA and the time is now to do so. We have two clear Strikers in this matchup so don't expect much ground work, on a side note though I met up with Combo King earlier today no joke he looked very fatigued and rightfully so after trying to out drink the ol Doucher.
In are third bout of the Main Card we jump up to the Welterweight Division for two fighters in the prime of there careers. In the Blue corner fighting out of London by way of Fukuoka,Japan we have "Croc boy" Shintaro Nomo. Nomo a former two time Welterweight champ here at Madness will be looking to get back on track after a tough Decision lost in his last fight against Dong Uk. Nome has a very balanced attack with great all -around skills and has only been finished twice in nearly 50 fights. Next up in the Red Corner fighting out of Los Angeles by way of Some place in Australia is Andrew "The Visionary"Ryan. Ryan is fresh of a impressive Madness Debut as he Ko'd Rumina Sato  in the very first round of there bout. Andrew is a Elite Boxer with Heavy hands and 16 of his 20 wins have been Knock Outs. Bottom Line Both of these guys want to get in the Title Picture here Nomo a former champ is gonna have to be careful as Ryan has yet to earn a title fight in his career and he knows he is close at this point.
In the Evenings Pre-Main Event we will see two exciting Heavyweights take the cage. Standing in the Blue Corner fighting out of St. Petersberg by way of Korolev,Russia is Alexey "Troll" Juravlev. Alexey is on a 6 fight loss skid and is very eager to snag that tomorrow. Juravlev is a incredible striker and he always finishes 26 wins all finished by way of KO. This guy is a exciting fighter as he lets it all out in the cage, he has only gone to the judges twice so expect intensity. And his Opponent fighting out of Las Vegas by way of Atom,USA is Bomb Bombs. The name says it all as Bombs is always looking to drop the Bomb on his foe. Bomb had a nice debut in the Madness cage as he finished Rico Scorpion with just two seconds to go in round one ,with a barrage of Knees and Punches. These two are very similar on skills both being top notch strikers,only you have to think Alexey will be fighting with his heart on the table looking to snap a tough loss streak as Bombs looks to stay confident riding a 3 fight win streak. This one is gonna be Lights Out enough said.
And finally in the Main Event of the evening we will see are Light-heavyweight Championship Battle. Fighting out of the Blue corner the challenger from Munich, Germany with a record of 29 wins, 17 losses, with 22 Ko's is Clay Mercer. For Clay a former UPG: Vegas 205 pound champ this will be his second crack at the Madness MMA 205 pound Title. Mercer now at 44 years old is looking to go all or nothing in this fight. Mercer always puts on a good show and he has stated that if he does not leave Tomorrow with that belt around his waist he may be fighting his Final Throw down. And now fighting out of the Red Corner out of Tokyo by way of ?,USA  with a record of 33 wins, 16 losses and 1 draw the Defending and Undisputed Light-heavyweight Champion of the world "The Devilishy Dominate" Demon Maia. Demon mad his mark quickly in only his second fight inside the Madness cage he took the belt, in a pretty damn Dominate Decision victory over then champ Tyson Kahn. The champ is a Brawl and Sprawl fighter with top notch wrestling and Boxing and at 35 is finally hitting his stride in the business. This is gonna be a fan-frickin-tastic fight,will the champ retain his belt and send Clay mercer into retirement, Or will Mercer shock the world and have one final run as the Madness MMA 205 pound champ.
This event is gonna be special one so if you have a ticket come on down and get down with the Madness, if nothing else at least come have a drink with myself at the After party where the shots will be poured all night long BABAY!!! Leave the baby's at home.
Douche McBaggins

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#14 Pababear


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Posted 09 June 2017 - 08:54 PM

Nice write up ;)
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RAGS of a RONIN clothing-TOKYO

#15 Pababear


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Posted 10 June 2017 - 09:24 AM

Maia got that done quicker than expected
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#16 The1rstSaint


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Posted 10 June 2017 - 05:20 PM

Maia got that done quicker than expected

Nicely done champ looking forward to his next defence. Mercer has had a solid career and we wish him best in retirement.
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#17 Pababear


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Posted 10 June 2017 - 07:16 PM

Nicely done champ looking forward to his next defence. Mercer has had a solid career and we wish him best in retirement.

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#18 The1rstSaint


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Posted 11 June 2017 - 06:58 PM

Just asking the people what would be a nice add to my Rankings list on the 1rst post.

Could do the normal MMA record beside the name, and to add I could write a lil something about each fighter.
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Posted 15 June 2017 - 06:02 PM

Madness MMA 28:  "BJ vs Canuel"



Ladies and Gentleman, Douche McBaggins checking in again as i set to cover the next Madness event. Well lets just say im stoked to get another pay day, as my Liquor cabinet is quite possibly the most stacked its been since my midget Porn days. Sorry to put that thought in your head, back to this event in the evenings main event we will see a Middleweight Title Fight as the Challenger Obi Canuel faces the champ BJ McGobblecock. Ten fights in all and we will be kicking things off at one of Tokyo's finest clubs Volcanic Eruptions where all the stunning Ladies will be.


John Eugemia vs Yas Uru 


Opening the Main Card we have a bantamweight tilt with Hometown Hero Yas Uru is set to face BJJ ace John Eugemia. Uru will be making his Debut here at Madness coming over from the USFC. Yas is a former  Prestige FC bantamweight champ, and has a solid skill set.  His opponent Eugemia will step inside the Madness cage for the third time after breaking even in his last two bouts.  John  Aka "Blitzkrieg Bob" is a native of Warsaw, Poland and is a crafty BJJ Specialist, with 12 Submission victories under his belt. 


Brian Fantana vs Yuri Sorokov 


Next up we will stay in the Bantamweight division where two more MMA vets will meet to climb that Ladder.  Fantana is a native of Sydney, Australia and has had title reigns in three different orgs in his career. "The Sex Panther" has a solid overall skillset but he prefers to stand and bang. in the opposite corner will be the Russian born fighter Yuri Sorokov who makes his Madness Debut this weekend. Sorokov is grinder, he is a Olympic caliber wrestler and comes from a elite camp in the Russian Bears. Sorokov has himself in a good opportunity to jump in the top five at 135, where as his foe has seen his better times in the past but could very easily change all that with a win here.

Clayton Channings vs  Rumina Sato


Moving on to the third fight of the evening we will dive into the Welterweight Division both of which have had Titles at somen point in there careers. First up Clayton Channings yet another newcomer to the org is stepping into the cage by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Channings is on a 3 fight loss streak and looks to change that in his debut here, he will need to rely on his BJJ skills heavily against this Opponent. He faces off with another Hometown Favorite Rumina Sato who takes to the cage for the third time here at Madness. He had a incredible Debut knocking out the former MMMA welterweight champ Zoe Harris in the first round. Sato is closing in on the age of 50 but is still very competitive, and his foe Channings was sited before the weigh-inns looking very fatigued which is not something you want against a Veteran like Rumina


Silvio Crespo vs Jeff Hecker 


In the nights Co-Main event we will see to exciting Featherweights go to war. Silvio Crespo another native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has joined madness previously fighting for Underground and has held Titles in three orgs in his career.  Crespo started his career off 12-0 and looked to be a Future 145 lb great, but has since lost his last three fights. Knowing his career was in jeopardy Silvio has know changed camps and aligned himself with a new Manager in Al Van Dal. His opponent Jeff Hecker is a native New York, USA and is now 3-2 inside the Madness Cage. Hecker at 42 has seen some highs and lows as well, he also like Crespo has held three titles in his career and "The Ultimate Warrior" kicked his career off with a bang winning a QFC Tournament back in 2013. This fight looks to be The New Lion against the Old Warrior both fighters are going to be hungry for victory though regardless of age.


BJ McGobblecock, Jr. vs Obi Canuel 


And now in the Main Event of the evening we head to the Middleweight Division for a Fantastic title fight Between the Challenger "Pastafarian" and the champ "The Cock Gobbler". Are Challenger hailing from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada will attempt for a second time to dethrone the Champ. Canuel 4-1 inside the Madness cage has only lost to BJ, there first fight was highly contested and Obi looked to be turning things around after taking the 2nd round only to be finished in the 3rd. The Current 185 lb champ BJ McGobblecock (WTF where you thinking Bear) has seen his best success in his career since joining Madness MMA. He has a perfect 4-0 record here and is also coming off his most dominate performance KO'ing Roy Batty in 40 seconds which earned him a "KO of the Night" Award. There is no Doubt that Obi showed some good signs in there first encounter which you can't say that against anyone else BJ has fought here. I would not be shocked if this fight goes the distance this time, in a Awesome Fight of the Year showing.




Jean Labosky Gene Sarazen

Ceasar Morgan Raiymbek Batyr

Lorenzo Babidi Jan Pope

Frank Borg Forrest Bondurant 

Aaron Scott I Suck 


And there you have it fight Fans another brilliant lineup for this weekends Madness MMA Event. There has been some huge signings recently so the sky is the limit for this org, its never been a better time to get down with the Clowny Caos.  


Clown Caos 14 is right around the corner which headlined by a Superheavyweight tilt between Lock Bresner and Cyrus Great!!! 


Douche McBaggins Signing off!


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#20 The1rstSaint


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Posted 16 June 2017 - 04:08 PM

Interviews for 205 champ Demon Maia managed by  Andrew Anderson as well as a interview with both Dong Uk and current 265+ champ Captain Boromir managed by Scottie Gonzo to e posted in the near future stay tuned.



Originally this post was just me messing up and quoting my first post lol, so i figured i will use it for something good.

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