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Bellator tourney in WPR

WPR Bellator

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 09:12 AM

Posted ImageTomas Nxon
It's really starting to hit me how much I've overachieved. Your greek friend is older than me. In fact I'm the youngest guy here. I won the belt at 19.

Mester I wish nothing but the best in teaching the beautiful intracacies of the ground game to the next generation and I'm sure i'll run in to your protege one or twice in the future, hell I love a challenge and maybe I can teach him a little humility it sounds like he desperately needs.

Anderson I think i'll be seeing you in the near future so what more can be said other than, I hope the two of you beat the holy hell out of each other.
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Posted 11 July 2013 - 09:17 AM

Also looking back at that preview

Goddamn I was drunk.
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#83 JoeLang


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Posted 14 July 2013 - 12:36 AM

Nathan Silver (laptop died on thu so sorry for basic text and any spelling errors)

Well well Hairball, it seems you dodged a bullet when the mighty Grim fluked a win agains me.
I should have finished him when i had the chance but i got sloppy. But if you want a tuneup fight i am always keen to step into the cage with you.
But in all serousness, i can t afford to treat you to a haircut. But if you stil want that beer, i am still happ to treat you one. What'll it be?

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 05:39 AM

Posted ImageTomas Nxon
Well Nate, It's no shame losing to Grim standing up and I was honestly suprised he pulled it off. Some motivation to learn the ground game, eh?

As for the beer, I may have previously expressed my deepest love for all things Irish and darker than my face hair.
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Posted 24 July 2013 - 09:59 AM

WPR: Bellator Semi's
Posted ImageTomas Nxon

Well folks it looks like this is the last fight I’ll get to watch in my beautiful adopted hometown of Rio De Janiero. The bellator tournament rages on and these men come here to fight and hopefully rise above the rabble of the common fighter to contender and hopefully one day champion I mean it’s doubtful but hell, anything is possible. Honestly at this point there are only real fighters left as all the shit talkers have been weeded out and the smack talk thread has become a place of mutual respect between warriors. Odd, no? But before all that we have quite an undercard here tonight and a middleweight title at stake. So let’s get to it.

Zeus "Middle" Easy vs. Jimmy "Bind" The Grinn
Zeus is a pure ground fighter who was inexplicably able to hit a takedown in his last fight despite being absolutely terrible at wrestling and not have a striking game for distraction. He finally proved he could actually get a submission on somebody despite literally dozens of attempts in his career. He’ll look to continue that here tonight against Jimmy the Grinn. A man who despite having a purple belt and damn good wrestling has been tapped twice and KOed in 3 fights in the Wolf Palace. Eeesh, both these guys are really inept at what they do, but Zeus got the tap last time and Jimmy has tapped before.
Prediction: Zeus by submission

Karevul Ikarus vs. "Bloodraven" Bryden Rivers
Yay, a fight where the participants can actually, you know, fight. Ikarus is a world class boxer with a decent wrestling and a brown belt. He’s never fought before but he has all the skills to make a real dent in the middleweight division. And so for that matter does Bryden Rivers. A good boxer with world top class wrestling and a brown belt, Rivers dropped his first career fight after getting trapped in a clinch that he just plain couldn’t deal with. But Ikarus doesn’t have much of a muay thai game either so it comes down to Ikarus hands vs. Rivers wrestling. Tough call.
Prediction: Ikarus by KO

Johnashu "The High-Flyer" Kaneson vs. Leidiano Jos Brito
Johnashu Kaneson is a purple belt who came up seriously short against Franklin Schroeder in his last fight end up on the wrong end of a picture perfect right cross that put him out cold in just 24 seconds. He needs desperately to work on his wrestling if he has any hope of making it as a fighter. Leidiano Jos Brito is a boxer and wrestler who was also taken out quickly in his last fight by purple belt Marcelo Couture who quickly shot in for a takedown and dispatched him with strikes form mount. But Kaneson isn’t Couture and doesn’t have the wrestling to get this to the ground.
Prediction: Jos Brito by KO

Thiago "Bigfoot" Belfort vs. Marcelo "S!am" Couture
Thiago Belfort is a K-1 level striker with one shot KO power who showed improved takedown defense in his last match. A nightmare match-up for him with former heavyweight champ Raider Vancan, the owner of the best takedowns in the division. But Belfort was able to stuff 4 of them before being dragged to the ground and KOed with from half guard. Couture as I mentioned before is another serious wrestler but he totally botched the fight over here and is at about 75% right now. He better get this to the ground quick or else he’ll be the one on his back at the end of the night.
Prediction: Belfort by KO

LT Rogers vs. Patrick "Snipa" Miller
LT Rogers is an excellent striker with solid wrestling hoping to get back to his winning ways after getting outpointed by Josip Peric in his last fight. Although not much to look at by his stats Patrick Miller is coming off a lightning quick 30 second kneebar in his last fight and has showed in 2 fights an uncanny ability to get his man to the ground anyway he can, but that said I can’t see him doing this to Rogers as his wrestling just isn’t where it needs to be to deal with Rogers skill set.
Prediction: LT by KO

Franklin "Leão" Dos Santos vs. "Stumpy" Renan Cavallo
Franklin Dos Santos is a muay thai practitioner and brown belt. He was utterly taken apart in his last fight by welterweight contender Dahl Haas from a clinch where the only way out for Dos Santos happened to be the floor. But he’s got a solid ground game pulling off a slick triangle at Fight night 3 against Rakharo Barbo. He’s going to need all the ground skill he can muster against Renan Cavallo, a brown belt coming off a vicious KO loss to Sam Shields but he’s got 2 submission wins in his career and has proven himself on the mat. Dos Santos has the edge on the feet where he can put his kicks to good use but Cavallo is a better wrestler and I expect he’ll finish this one on the floor.
Prediction: Cavallo by submission

Aleksei Ljosha Putin vs. Cevada Bacon
Aleksei Putin is a nasty striker with decent wrestling and a purple belt with all the skills to make a dent in the light heavyweight division. In his last fight he instigated a clinch with Mikala Konai and his knees just cut the poor bastard to pieces earning him to doctor stoppage. Cevada Bacon might be the first man to put Putin’s ground game to the test having earned 3 submissions in 7 wins. But Cevada’s weakness in the clinch was exploited in an earlier fight with Anderson Nogueira although he avenged the loss later with a submission win I don’t think he has the clinch game to hang with Putin.
Prediction: Putin by TKO

Sum Crazy vs. Grim "Death" Reaper
In the first of our bellator semi finals we have two men known for their uncanny ability to strike with strikers and come out on top. Sum Crazy is a good boxer, very good wrestler and BJJ purple belt, who took down and broke the delusional Steve River’s face with nasty ground and pound from the mount. Grim Reaper is the hard kicking son of a bitch who went shin bones to knuckles with world class boxer Nathan Silver in his last fight but as I personally showed the world, you might not beat him standing but Grim’s Achilles heel actually tends to be his Achilles heel. His submission game is weak despite his solid takedown defense and once again goddamn that guy kicks hard. Grim might get an early KO here but I think Crazy is just too good on the ground to lose if this goes the distance.
Prediction: Crazy by tko

"The One" Mr Anderson vs. Nikola Mester
Mr Anderson actually runs into his first real stiff test of the tournament despite the incredibly game Dark striker hanging in there until the bell despite eating over 175 strikes from the notoriously powerful Mr Anderson. Anderson is the most well rounded fighter left in the tournament and it wouldn’t shock me if he won the damn thing. But standing in his way is the cagey veteran Nikola Mester. Mester pulled off the biggest upset of the tournament by forcing Rajin Kage into a ground war that he just didn’t quite have the skill to finish. Mester walked away with the hard fought victory and totally nullified Kage’s striking advantage. He’s going to need to do the same here because Anderson will tool him on the feet if he can’t get it to the floor. But in his 5 fight career Anderson has never touched the floor so his ground game is a total mystery. A mystery Mester is hell bent on solving.
Prediction: A very close decision for Mester

Jeremy "Bone" Crusher vs. "The Ukrainian Nightmare" Vadim Nazarov
In our Main event of the evening we have a middleweight title fight between two world class grapplers. The current champ Jeremy Crusher has left a long line of tap out victims 7 men deep and dating back to early march. He’s an exceptional wrestler and a brown belt and has proven totally unstoppable on the floor. Vadim Nazarov although a serious grappler in his own right tends to focus more on his ground and pound owning 6 straight victories all by tkos. Granted Nazarov has much better striking skills but he has shown a willingness to hit the mat that might be his undoing here because as good as he is Crusher is that much better.
Prediction: Crusher by submission (of course)

Alright folks that my preview of the REAL final event in Rio. This city has been incredibly good to me and I’m sad to see it go. But the future beckons us toward the seat of imperial power, London. I’ll miss the sweet white sands and sweet brown females of Rio as I am sure all my fellow fighters will. I hope the lights of London are all they are cracked up to be, although Rio might not be the safest or cleanest city on the planet it’s undeniable charm will leave an indelible mark on all the fighters from me, all the way back to when Mitsuyo Maeda walked these sands and met an interesting man by the name of Carlos Gracie. It’s this tradition that brought fighters from all over the world to this humid little backwater to test their skills against the best of the best. Goodbye Rio you will be missed.
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