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"Le Baguette" Bastien Giroud (344598)

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Bastien Giroud
KT Record 6-5-0 (W-L-D)
KT Wins 5 (T)KOs (83.33%)
1 Decisions (16.67%)
KT Losses 3 (T)KOs (60.00%)
2 Decisions (40.00%)
Next Fight None
Song Khaled- Aisha
Height 180 cm
Weight 150 lbs
Can cut to 138.0 lbs
Age 20
Hometown Marseille
Country France
Location Helsinki
Base London
Manager John Blue
Bank Balance $9,070.00
Alliance   -
Highest Rank 5085 MMA / 211 KT
Bastien has Wonderful boxing, Proficient Muay Thai, Respectable wrestling and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Awards: Fight of the night: 1 ($1,000)   KO of the night: 1 ($2,000)   
Weight: 604 P4P: 23433
3 Days Cuts 0 Days
Kickboxing Hype
  KT Rank
Weight: 19 P4P: 259

Sponsored by
Mixed Martial Arts Sponsorship
Contracted to
Rio Heroes KT [5615]

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Fighter Bio
By coaches described as lazy but extremely talented, Bastien Giroud just recently started taking his trainings more seriously. Brash and agressive, Bastien preferss throwing hands while talking shit to his opponents.

Boxing   - Punches   - Agility   -
Muay Thai   - Kicks   - Flexbility   -
Wrestling   - Elbows   - Speed   -
BJJ   - Knees   - Strength   -
      Clinchwork   - Conditioning   -
Sparring   Worth Striking Defense   - Balance   -
Boxing   - Ground n Pound   -      
Muay Thai   - Takedown Off   -      
Wrestling   - Takedown Def   -      
BJJ   - Submissions   -      
      Defensive Grap   -      
      Transitions   -      
      Escapes   -      
Currently wearing

Arcticus University: London
Arcticus University: London

MMA Record

  Opponent Method Event Date W/C Rnd Time  

No fights taken.

Kickboxing Record

  Opponent Method Event Date W/C Rnd Time  
L Bayani Kunakorn TKO (Punch) RH87 2019-09-18 155 1 00:24 view
W Ryu Takemura TKO (Punch) RH74 2019-08-24 155 1 02:57 view
L Bryant Smith TKO (Punch) RH62 2019-08-03 155 1 01:43 view
W Snorri Sigfusson TKO (Punches) RH53 2019-07-13 155 3 00:48 view
W Reynold March TKO (Strikes) RH39 2019-06-19 155 1 00:23 view
L Maung Maung Thu Decision (Unanimous) RH28 2019-05-25 155 3 03:00 view
W Dane West TKO (Punches) KILL - 21 : Sandy Shuffle 2019-04-13 155 1 00:17 view
L Robin Van Roosmalen TKO (Punches) KILL - 16 : Boardwalk Bout 2019-03-27 155 1 01:07 view
W Johan Van Der Elst TKO (Punches) KILL - 12 : Muay Thai Masters 2019-03-09 155 1 00:26 view
W Connor McGregor Decision (Unanimous) KILL - 8 : Striking Sunsets 2019-02-16 155 3 05:00 view
L Dean Switcher Decision (Unanimous) KILL - 6 : Pineapple Punch 2019-02-04 155 3 05:00 view

Buzz at "Le Baguette" Bastien Giroud (Logged in as )
Robin Van Roosmalen
Robin Van Roosmalen buzzed at Bastien Giroud

Thank you to my opponent, Bastien Giroud. It was fun. You'll be back soon  (Mar 27, 2019)

view conversation »
"Le Baguette" Bastien Giroud's recent buzzes
Bastien Giroud buzzed at Robin Van Roosmalen
No excuses, Robin- you were the better man yesterday. Now go get that title so when we rematch we're gonna do it for the belt.  (Mar 28, 2019)
Bastien Giroud buzzed at Robin Van Roosmalen
15 pounds huh ? Robin im worried for you. Seems you're already concussed from your previous fights, cant even do basic mathematics. It's only gonna get worse after i knock you out. (Mar 22, 2019)
Bastien Giroud buzzed at Robin Van Roosmalen
You are bigger than me ? LMAO, i could rest my balls on your forehead kid. Go ahead, try and kick me legs, you will eat a punch as soon as you try to close a distance. You got nothing on me Robin and you're gonna find out pretty soon. (Mar 21, 2019)
Bastien Giroud buzzed at Robin Van Roosmalen
Robin, you aint shit boy. Keep talking tho, no need to save anything for the post fight interview, cause there is not gonna be any post fight interview for you. People who are out cold cant talk. (Mar 18, 2019)

Current Gym : London MMA Club
Weekly Gym Fees : $ 1000  
Gym Quality : Brand new  

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Recent Events

2019-09-18- Moved location to Helsinki
2019-09-17- Bought Troid top for $50 at Arcticus University: London
2019-09-17- Bought Arc boxer for $60 at Arcticus University: London
2019-08-27- Moved location to London
2019-08-24- Moved location to Helsinki
2019-08-07- Moved location to London
2019-08-03- Moved location to Montreal
2019-08-01- Bought DSC SF shorts for $50 at Destructive Striking Clothing
2019-08-01- Bought DSC SF t-shirt for $50 at Destructive Striking Clothing
2019-07-15- Moved location to London

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