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Coming up we have a heavyweight Tycoon World Grappling Championship rules bout between Tyrone Sparxx (ranked 1361 p4p, 171 weight class) and Frank Rucco (ranked 22069 p4p, 510 weight class). Sparxx comes to the ring accompanied by Thug Life - Lugz. Both fighters look fresh as a daisy as they make their way towards the ring.

194 cm
23 yrs
260 lbs

192 cm
22 yrs
260 lbs

This TWGC bout is 1 fifteen minute round in the heavyweight division. Introducing today's competitors. In the red corner, competing out of Los Angeles, with a TWGC record of 10 wins and 9 losses; Tyrone Sparxx! And in the blue corner, fighting out of Hilo, with a TWGC record of 0 wins and 0 losses; Frank Rucco!
The judges for this bout are Arvi Lind, Ben Zyskovitsi and Matti Vanhoillinen.

The official calls the fighters to the middle and the contest is under way.

Excellent takedown into side control there by Sparxx.
Score +4 for clean takedown past guard: Sparxx (4) vs (0) Rucco
Rucco is looking for a sweep.
Sparxx controlling from side mount.

Sparxx is trying to land an Americana. He has the arm isolated but Rucco is keeping cool and he's avoided the danger for now.

Sparxx is looking to finish here, going for an Americana. Rucco knows the correct defense though, so he's OK.
Sparxx moving around in side mount but really he's just happy to control for now.

Sparxx has hold of Rucco's arm. He's looking for a kimura. Rucco seems comfortable defending it but Sparxx has shifted his position slighty and is cranking on the arm! Rucco is real pain and he's forced to tap out! Rucco is disgusted with himself for not defending it better but Sparxx couldn't care less - he's delighted!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:44 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (Kimura). Tyrone Sparxx!
Tyrone Sparxx really struggled to get his t-shirt on before his hand was raised. Making sure that FinnFighter Nutrition (Five 160Q supps!) logo gets some air time is pretty tricky when you're all sweaty.
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