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Coming up we have a light heavyweight MMA rules bout between Mohsin Zaidi (ranked 1929 p4p, 250 weight class) and Robert McKenna (ranked 2503 p4p, 302 weight class). The crowd seem to be enjoying McKenna's choice of entrance music: Freedom. Robert McKenna has the better chin. Will he look to stand and bang today?

187 cm
220 lbs
10 - 12 - 0
194 cm
212 lbs
11 - 11 - 0
Great wrestler
Excellent boxer
Cardio machine
Olympic wrestler
World class MT
Good gas tank

Voodoo Nutrition


Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the light heavyweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 10 wins, 12 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Las Vegas, Mohsin Zaidi!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 11 wins, 11 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of New York, Robert McKenna!
The judges for this bout are Don Winkell, Percy O'Donnell and Timothy Bukovac.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!

Zaidi gets caught on his heels momentarily as he allows McKenna to score an easy takedown into full guard.
Zaidi is working the butterfly guard. He manages to land a nice scissor sweep and is now in half guard on the top. Nice move.

Zaidi sitting in half guard, looking to land shots. McKenna defending well though.
McKenna blocking the ground and pound attempt from Zaidi.
McKenna is trying to stand.
McKenna avoiding damage under a succession of punches from Zaidi.
McKenna regains full guard, whilst avoiding punches from Zaidi.

Zaidi drops back for a leg but he's not going to get it - he lets go and McKenna dives on top into guard.

McKenna tries to free his leg and advance position but Zaidi is retaining full guard.
McKenna is persisting with the attempt to improve his position.
McKenna stopping the sweep attempt from Zaidi.

That's one minute gone in the round.

Zaidi escapes his hips to the side and looks to be working for an armbar. McKenna gives him a little smile and shakes his head. No chance.
McKenna wants to control from the top but Zaidi keeps moving.
Zaidi wants to sweep here but McKenna controlling him for the moment.
McKenna engaging in some classic timewasting tactics.

Zaidi looking for submissions from the bottom here. Moving his hips around, possibly looking for an armbar.
Zaidi trying to keep a closed guard but McKenna is proving a slippery customer.
The fighters are starting to perspire pretty heavily.
McKenna scores with a decent looking elbow strike.

Zaidi working for a triangle but McKenna defends it easily.
McKenna looking to pass the guard.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
Well. There's a bit of a lull in the action here and the crowd are starting to get restless.

Zaidi is working actively off his back, looking to secure an arm or perhaps work for a triangle.
Hammerfist, elbow! yells McKenna's corner. There ya go! There ya go!
McKenna passes into half guard.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.

Zaidi looking to work for a kimura from the bottom.
Zaidi is trying to get back to full guard.
McKenna lands with a punch from half guard.
Ground and pound from McKenna.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
McKenna prevents Zaidi from improving his position.
McKenna trying to pass the guard but Zaidi defending well.
Zaidi wants to control but McKenna is keeping busy and won't allow it.
McKenna has freed up his trapped foot and advances to mount.
McKenna landing punches.
McKenna lands a couple of nice shots there from mount.
Zaidi is desperately trying to improve his position but McKenna has a good base and remains in mount.
Zaidi manages to regain half guard. Good work.
Zaidi regains full guard. Nicely done.

Zaidi is looking for a guillotine. You can't force these things though and McKenna defends well.
McKenna trying to pass the guard but can't manage it just yet.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
McKenna won't allow Zaidi to sweep him here.
McKenna trying to control but Zaidi is working from the bottom.

Zaidi pushes a forearm under McKenna's chin to create some space. He's escaped his hips and pivoted quickly for an armbar! Can he extend the arm? Yes, McKenna is tapping out! Damn, that was fast!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:59 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (Armbar). Mohsin Zaidi!
Mohsin Zaidi decided to thank the fans in attendance for making a great atmosphere. It seemed to go down pretty well.
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