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Trash Fights 9(265 structure) PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a super heavyweight MMA rules bout between Dzoko Dzoker (ranked 2247 p4p, 67 weight class) and Master Wong (ranked 3453 p4p, 91 weight class). Over to our ring announcer for the fighter introductions!

190 cm
367 lbs
31 - 31 - 0
200 cm
275 lbs
19 - 19 - 1
Good wrestling
Excellent boxer
Granite chin
Olympic wrestler
World class boxer
Good gas tank

Trashy Bar (158+q / 30$)
Sin City Allstars

Trashy Bar (158+q / 30$)

Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the super heavyweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 31 wins, 31 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of London, Dzoko Dzoker!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 19 wins, 19 losses and 1 draws, fighting out of New York, Master Wong!
The judges for this bout are Anthony Taglia, Dean Styles and Chad Campbell.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Dzoker shoots in and drives through. Wong sprawls well.
Wong is definitely looking for the counter takedowns here.
Dzoker fakes high and shoots in for a takedown but Wong avoids it really well and circles away.
Dzoker tries for a takedown but Wong circles away easily

and Wong counters with a nice double leg into half guard.
That's three failed takedown attempts in the round for Dzoko Dzoker. That's going to take a lot out of him.
Wong looking to pass the half guard. Not this time.
Wong winds up and cracks Dzoker with a swinging punch to the side of the head.
Wong tries to pass to full mount but Dzoker defends it.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Wong is looking to take a break and control but Dzoker is keeping him honest, looking to work from the bottom.
Wong looks towards his corner to check for any instructions. The corner give him nothing to work with, so he cracks Dzoker with a short hammerfist. I guess that's as good as any advice he could get in this position.

It looks like Dzoko Dzoker has been cut.
Dzoker is looking for a sweep. Wong is wise to his cunning plan and keeps the top position.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Dzoker is working hard here to advance position.
Wong lands strikes from half guard.
Wong trying to control the action but Dzoker is working from the bottom.
Wong is nestled in close to Dzoker, controlling him well. He's worked in a nice elbow to the side of the head as well, for good measure.
Wong is thwarting Dzoker's attempts to control the position.
Wong is looking to advance position but Dzoker won't allow it.
Ground and pound from Wong.

Dzoko Dzoker's cut is getting worse.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
Dzoker trying to hold on to Wong's head to control him but Wong postures up.
Wong lands with a punch from half guard.

Dzoko Dzoker's cut is bleeding quite badly. He's got to try and protect it.
Wong throwing shots but Dzoker is blocking nicely.
Dzoker is trying to control but can't.
Dzoker on the receiving end of some nice ground and pound.

Jeez, Dzoko Dzoker's cut is really nasty now. The referee must be thinking about getting that checked.

The referee calls the doctor in to look at Dzoko Dzoker's cut. Oh no, the doctor has called an end to the bout!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:53 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Cut). Master Wong!
A very excited looking Master Wong made sure he remembered to thank all the fans both in the arena and on the internet. He said all the coolest people spend all day on MMA websites, which got a big reaction.
The defeated Dzoko Dzoker had this to say: 'thanks my sponsors and fans'.
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