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Coming up we have a heavyweight MMA rules bout between Carl Williamson (ranked 8204 p4p, 0 weight class) and Ling Manchu (ranked 18354 p4p, 0 weight class). The crowd seem to be enjoying Manchu's choice of entrance music: Bodies. I can't wait for this one - let's get the fighter introductions out of the way and get this one started!

190 cm
240 lbs
8 - 9 - 0
208 cm
245 lbs
10 - 33 - 0
Good wrestling
BJJ Blue Belt
Basic striking
Knockout power



Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the heavyweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 8 - 9 - 0, fighting out of London, Carl Williamson!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 10 - 33 - 0, fighting out of London, Ling Manchu!
The judges for this bout are Sam Margolis, James Glass and James Ackerman.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Manchu tries to clinch up but Williamson circles away and keeps his distance.
Manchu looks really tired already! That doesn't bode well for a good, competitive fight!
Manchu stuffs a takedown. It's all about dictating where the fight takes place and Manchu wants it to stay on the feet.
We've been hearing reports that Williamson has been drilling takedowns in recent sessions so let's see if that has an impact on the result of this fight.
Manchu shoots and misses

and Williamson counters with a nice double leg into guard.
Williamson scoring with some ground and pound.
Williamson might be looking to lock onto one of his opponent's long limbs for a submission, whilst we're on the ground.
Williamson postures up in Manchu's guard and throws a big left but Manchu blocks it.
Williamson loading up with the ground and pound but he's missing more than he's landing in this flurry.
Williamson postures up and scores with a shot to the body and a follow up elbow to the head.
Manchu preventing the ground and pound from doing any damage.
Williamson has been looking to land a fair amount of strikes on the ground. He might be looking to soften his opponent up in order to work for a submission.
Williamson with a nice head shot there.
Williamson is in close to Manchu's body, working some short punches and elbows.
Williamson lands a couple of digs.
Williamson is in close to Manchu's body, working some short punches and elbows.

Manchu is rocked!
Manchu has momentary wrist control but Williamson slips an elbow through the middle.
Manchu is still in real trouble! Can Williamson finish him?
This is a great period of action - very entertaining stuff!
Williamson postures up and scores with a shot to the body and a follow up elbow to the head.
We get told so often about how wrestlers don't like to be on their backs. Let's see if Manchu can do anything to dispel that myth.
Williamson postures up from his opponent's guard, before exploding into some vicious ground and pound! Manchu covers up, he's hurt! Williamson keeps throwing the strikes, glancing at the referee... Will he stop it?? One more big shot from Williamson and the ref steps in to end the fight! Williamson can't hide his delight as he celebrates with his corner.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:57 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Carl Williamson!
Carl Williamson really struggled to get his t-shirt on before his hand was raised. Making sure that Versus logo gets some air time is pretty tricky when you're all sweaty.
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