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MMA Tycoon is a free to play MMA Sim Game, played by thousands of UFC and MMA fans from around the world!

Create fighters, run companies, train at your local gyms, join alliances, work your way to global domination both in the cage and in the business world to become the Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Tycoon!

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HFC 46: Max vs. Kristoffer
HFC 46: Max vs. Kristoffer July 2nd, 2016 in the Kazan Sambo Center in St. Petersburg Coming soon, brought to you by the joint efforts of the Hardcore Fighting Championship and Russian Bears Nutr...

GAMMA: Jt Colossus retires
Just to put this into prospective, "The WarWagon" Jt Colossus's ID is 1688! He was one of the first fighters ever created, fighting since early 2009. I think there is some kids on this site which were...

GAMMA: HOF Candidates
We will be inducting 1 fighter to our HOF in the next 3-4 days. We take into consideration several factors, but the #1 is how well the fighter did while in GAMMA. This is also called the "points syst...

GAMMA: 565 Review
Renan St. Juste holds a impressive veteran record of 59-20-2 (W-L-D), finishing the majority of his fights through TKO or KO. Although St. Juste has veered off GAMMA for very brief periods in his car...

Mordecai Sackett inducted into the GKNY Hall of Fame!
Mordecai Sackett is a welterweight fighter managed by Barnabas Sackett of The Broken Halo Pride. Mordecai had seven fights in GKNY -- all wins -- and defended the welterweight championship six consec...

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